Remote IT Support Services for SME’s

Save your business time and money with Portal Technologies Remote Support

Proactive Maintenance

To ensure that your IT system is running as efficiently as possible for you and your staff we install monitoring software onto your devices which allows us to maintain your IT system without disturbing the daily running of your business.

The remote monitoring software allows us to monitor usage, highlighting poor performance machines and making recommendations to improve their performance and save energy. This allows us to address problems before you even know they have happened. We take a proactive approach to your IT systems to minimise any downtime and ensure you are getting the best out of your IT solution.

Remote Support

We can fix most IT issues by connecting remotely to your computer. The exceptions are when the computer is not turning on, hardware faults, and internet access issues. In the case of these situations a member of our team will come to perform the work on site.

Disaster Recovery

We understand how important continuity is to a business and that’s why we offer a disaster recovery package to all our clients. In the event of a disaster we would be able to recover all your data and be back up and running in a matter of hours.

Remote It Support Service Business Benefits

Saving you Time

Thanks to our proactive maintenance we can identify and address problems without having to disturb you or your companies’ daily activities.

Our remote support tool means we can fix most problems remotely from our head office. This is a great tool as it allows our team to instantly access your system. All our technicians work to dedicated SLAs which ensures we are offering our clients a reliable and efficient service.

Lower Costs

Through remote IT support you can enjoy lower support costs because it takes less time to address and resolve your IT issues, while also removing the time and cost to travel to site. Our pricing model is based on a monthly service charge with the price being fixed regardless on the amount of support time you require. This allows you to know how much your remote IT support will cost allowing you to budget better. This will save you money in the long term as you are not having to pay for hiring and training your own technical resource.