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What is Onsite IT Support?

Within our IT Support contracts we offer on-site IT support.

We like to get to know our clients and their offices meaning when problems do occur we know where to go to look for problems.  This ensures we can offer a fast and efficient service. We are ideally based in Larbert, Central Scotland meaning we can cover the whole of Scotland. Our clients are based throughout Scotland such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and Fife.

Benefits of IT Onsite Support

Remote IT Support is a great option for many businesses however there may be some complex or specialised equipment that might need to be taken care of. This could leave organisations with these kinds of equipment confused as they may not have the technical knowledge of the systems that are causing the problems. By having Onsite IT Support, there will be someone on-site to take care of other IT issues that you may have come across whilst the technician has been in your office, this allows them to play a vital role in protecting the infrastructure that you have in place at your business. Listed below are some of the benefits that can be had when you have Onsite IT Support.

Benefit 1

When you have an IT technician on-site you have clear communication with them as they are there in person. This removes the sound of office noise that may come over a phone and allows you to easily point out the problems you are having giving the technician a better idea of what is going on.

Benefit 2

Having a dedicated technician that is onsite will allow you to get help with any other problems you would be facing instead of having to phone up the remote support desk. By also using the technician to fix any small problems you may be having can allow for the prevention of issues that may occur down the line, which could prevent further down time in the future.

Benefit 3

Having Onsite IT Support allows you to see the progress that is being made to your problem as you can get live updates off the technician that is working in your business, instead of having to wait on hold or wait for a call back. This will give you the reassurance that you are not waiting in a queue to have your problem fixed as you can see the progress that is being made. Waiting on hold or waiting for a call back could leave you doing nothing as your machine may be getting fixed so by having Onsite IT Support you receive a different experience than you would when calling over the phone.

Benefit 4

Sometimes certain problems cannot be fixed remotely as there may be a problem with your hardware meaning you will need someone to come out and physically fix it. Onsite IT Support is most useful when you are dealing with hardware issues as most software issues can be fixed remotely. Hardware can be diagnosed remotely however the replacement or repair will need to be done physically.

These are some of the benefits that can come with Onsite IT Support, if you’re interested in onsite support please get in touch.


Onsite IT Support Services

By assessing your business needs, we can produce IT packages that fit your business’s demands. This is done in the expectation that we can save you time and money with the right solution in place.

At Portal we like to plan so, when putting a solution in place we ensure we look at your business continuity plan to ensure we get the correct solution for the long term.

We cater for all sizes of businesses. We have a fixed small business package suited to only a few users or tailor our packages to fit businesses with more users. We look after business from 1PC all the way up to 150+ PCs.

Service 1

Computer Maintenance

To ensure your IT systems is running as efficiently as possible for you and your staff we install monitoring software on to your devices which allows us to maintain and update your IT system without disturbing the daily running of your business. This also allows us to address problems before you even know they have happened. This gives us plenty of time to schedule visits to your business to work on any problems that are requiring Onsite IT Support.

Service 2

Repairs and Upgrades to PC’s

It’s no secret that technology is advancing at a rate of knots. This means that replacement time for electronic devices comes around more quickly than you think

The decision to spring for a new computer needn’t be an expensive guess. Consumer Reports says spending money to repair a laptop that is 5 years old isn’t worth it and if the repair on a laptop under 5 years old is more than 50% of the cost of a replacement machine, don’t repair it. While upgrading hardware such as memory or the hard drive might cost you 10-20% of the cost of a new PC, remember that this usually only buys you a year or so on your computer’s lifespan.

When buying a new PC, we would always recommend purchasing a 3-year warranty alongside it. This means you are covered for any problems with your device which is still new. However, after the 3-year warranty has expired it is time to invest in a new PC or Laptop which will not only provide you with a better device but most likely save you money in the long run.

Chat to us about upgrading your computer, or if it is older than 3 years, replacing it with a better, faster machine that makes your life easier.

Service 3

Printer Service and Repairs

Meeting deadlines is one of the most important parts of today’s working world so the last thing you want to be worrying about is your printer needing repaired along with basic maintenance. When repairing a printer, we will send out a technician to your business to make the repairs and advise you if you either need new parts or a new printer.

Service 4

Networking and Cabling

Portal have already helped several businesses choose the right solution to fit their requirements. Whether it was implementing a new on-site server, backed up at our own office or help a business chose the right cloud solution. Feel free to Contact Portal if you need some advice on what he best solution for your business is.


Onsite IT Support Service Areas

    • Larbert
    • Central Scotland
    • Edinburgh
    • Glasgow
    • Dundee
    • Aberdeen
    • Inverness
    • Fife

Request a Managed IT Solution Consultation

Cloud Migrations

Save your business money and maximise your productivity by migrating your business to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365.

Backup & Recovery

Our Endpoint Backup Solution allows your device to be restored from the cloud anywhere, leaving minimal disruption to your business.

Managed IT Support

Our remote help desk gives you and your staff unlimited access to our technicians for any IT issues you might have.

Cyber Security

Portal Technologies can provide you with the consultancy and technician time required to get you Cyber Essentials Certified.

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