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Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

PPC Advertising is the ideal way to compete against your competitors. By researching, planning and executing well thought-out PPC campaigns we are able to drive traffic to your website.

Our main focus on each campaign is to drive more converting traffic to your website at a lower cost.

The great thing about online advertising is you can track everything to ensure you are not only getting a return in your investment but you are optimising your investment. This is done by:

  • Increased Click-through rates
  • Increased Conversion rates
  • Lower Cost-per-click


The four main Google Pay Per Click Campaign Types

  • Shopping
  • Display & Remarketing
  • You Tube


The most traditional form of PPC. Strategically bid on researched keywords to deliver text ads to your targeted demographic.


Utilise your ecommerce website by capturing your audience whilst they are in the purchasing mind set. Shopping campaigns are a very effective way of increasing conversions on your website.

Display & Remarketing

Increase brand awareness by displaying ads to very targeted audiences giving you a better chance of click throughs to your website.Even better – recapture that audience and invite them back to your website by showing your ads to people who have already visited your website.

You Tube

Take your PPC campaign to the next level by creating engaging and well thought out videos to display to your target audience.


At Portal Technologies we really get to know our clients and understand their business.

We respect that you are the experts in your field and can provide invaluable information on your market. As such we like to work in partnership with our clients to deliver the best results possible.

This means we spend a lot of time gathering information from you before we implement any strategies or campaigns. Our strategy is to set achievable goals within a structure and budget which works for your business.

A Success Story

Our client was becoming increasingly aware that their competitors were very prominent online and successfully generating sales. As such they wanted to ensure they were not missing out.

We designed an online strategy which would increase conversions on their website.

Their current website was built in house and required some development to ensure it was fully optimised for google search engine results.

We also implemented a social media strategy and Google Ad Words to increase traffic to their website and generate sales. We have seen an increase in sales of 445% in 2016 compared to 2015.

Website Sales % increase from 2015 > 2016: 445%

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