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We are very excited to announce that on June 1st 2017 CPL IT Services have not only created a new brand but come up with a new name to represent who we are and what we offer. Together we worked as a team to come up with a brand that represents who we are and our services. We wanted something which not only made us stand out in our industry but also represents our culture and business ethos.

CPL IT Services has moved on a lot since we first started 7 years ago and to come up with our new brand we started at the beginning. We looked back and explored how the businesses had changed over the years. We thought we would share with you our story and how we have got to where we are.

2009 – CPL Software Ltd was formed.
CPL Software was formed by Brian Welsh in 2009, providing software to the property management industry.

2010 – Craig Millar joined CPL Software to head up IT Services division that would support businesses with their IT who were investing in CPL Software Ltds’ products.

2010 – CPL moved into their first office in Dunblane.
For the next 5 years there were several moves around RFL House to accommodate the business growth – including converting a garage into a meeting room!

2012 – IT Services out grew department status and became a company in its own right, CPL IT Services Ltd.
The IT Services department had grown its client base, providing support to various industries out with the property management industry.

2014 – CPL IT Services Ltd hit a milestone and doubled its team in a year to manage the significant business growth

2015 – We moved to Glenbervie Business Centre in Larbert
Although we loved the community buzz in Dunblane we made the move to Larbert to accommodate the new team and be more central to our clients.

2015 – CPL Digital was formed as a department within CPL IT Services Ltd.
Over the last year we had a big focus on growing our business through digital marketing. As such our clients wanted to know more! We then started helping some of our clients with theirs and organically grew this service.

2016 – We hired our first Website Designer!
From our own experiences in this field and client demand we were determined to offer our clients a transparent, knowledgeable and reliable Website Design service. This complemented the digital marketing aspect of the business and is now flourishing!

August 2016 – Management Buy Out
Our Technical Director, Craig Millar bought out the previous Managing Director. He has seized this opportunity and has continued to instil the company ethos and culture he started in 2010.

May 2017 – New Brand!
And here we are! We saw the management buy out as a prime time to gather our thoughts, analyse where we are and create something special!

When looking back over the last few years, one common theme appeared and this was the business culture. CPL IT Services Ltd had always strived to provide a friendly and reliable service. We like to create long lasting business relationships and as a result really get to know our clients and understand their business and what they want to achieve. This is reflected in some of our long standing clients who we are delighted to say have been with us from the start!

So when creating the new brand we came up with something which had a personal touch whilst emphasising our professional and responsible attitude to business. We are a people company and we don’t shy away from getting our staff out there. All our staff are friendly, highly qualified and knowledgeable in their field and follow our company ethos of delivering exceptional customer service through a reliable and friendly approach.

The other side of the brand was our range of services. Introducing the digital marketing side of the business in 2015/16 means we have a wide range of expertise in the business in regards to the technological industry. As such we believe we act as our client’s link to the technical world. The technology industry is constantly moving and we strive on new technologies meaning we are as up to date as possible. This is something a lot of our clients are not able to keep up with whilst trying to run a business. So we believe we act as our customer’s portal into the technological world.

Where are we now? … We have come up with a fun, exciting brand, which represents our industry, our culture and our business ethos. This has been done in the vibrant bright colours, sleek clean lines and an industry specific name.

We hope you like the new look – tell us what you think!

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