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Mclean & Stewart LogoMcLean and Stewart, a legal firm that can trace its history back to 1743, offers legal advice to the West Perthshire farming community. They wanted an updated IT system that would give them reliability and security. They turned to local provider, Portal.

The Organisation

McLean and Stewart provide a variety of services including estate agency and financial services and pride themselves on offering their clients a fully personal and professional service.

The Challenge

The main concern McLean and Stewart had was the security of data on their current server. Their ageing Microsoft Windows 2003 server gave them little confidence that, in the event of a problem, they would be able to recover and access documentation. They needed a secure and reliable technical infrastructure which offered a backup service providing security in the event of a technical failure, so that they would be up and running again with as little downtime as possible, minimising disruption to their clients. The firm also found their existing server particularly slow, causing delays, and staff wasting valuable time completing simple daily tasks They needed something that was hassle free, ensuring they were competent and cost effective.

The most important issue was to provide McLean and Stewart with a reliable and efficient IT solution. Having known Portal  for several years, the firm was confident that Portal would provide a friendly and cost-efficient service.

The Solution

The staff at Portal have extensive knowledge of requirements of legal practices and how they operate on a daily basis and, therefore, they were able to easily identify the business needs of McLean and Stewart. With the variety of tasks undertaken in a law firm such as document management, litigation support and documentation production, Portal understands the importance of being able to produce documentation in a timely and efficient manner. Most importantly, knowing your systems are backed up and retrievable in the event of an unforeseen circumstance gives additional security. As a result Portal replaced McLean and Stewart’s old server with Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, which includes Microsoft Exchange. This gives a complete on premises solution with better functionality for communication and collaboration within the workplace.

This meant Mclean and Stewart were able to share and store documents easily on the server with all members of staff in a secure manner. The email system was replaced by Microsoft Exchange, providing secure access to emails, calendars and contacts on PCs, phones and the web, offering the staff at Mclean and Stewart more freedom to work remotely from home, office or court and all in a safe and secure manner. Another important aspect of the new IT support which Portal provides is disaster recovery. Mclean and Stewart had expressed strong concerns about the security and storage of their data.

Business Continuity is vital to a law firm and knowing that in the event of a disaster you are able to minimise downtime and continue with a normal service makes a huge difference. As a result, Portal installed Dell AppAssure which provides a unified back-up, replication and recovery solution. This gives peace of mind that in the event of a problem, Portal would be able to recover lost files, and they would be back up and running with minimal lost time. This not only saves time for the firm but also money – both crucial to a law firm.

The Benefits

After a smooth and successful installation, McLean and Stewart are extremely happy with their new IT solution and feel content with the levels of security and safety of data. Helen, the Office Manager from McLean and Stuart commented “We now don’t have to worry about backups, we just call Portal and everything is resolved for us, even when we delete something by an accident, Portal recovers it for us in seconds.” Helen also commented on the speed and efficiency of the new server, stating it was much faster and more reliable.