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Leigh Tobin
Leigh Tobin : Social Media Specialist

Leigh is an award-winning senior marketer with over 13 years’ digital marketing experience. Prior to launching her own consultancy, Leigh spent 10 years working in the UK, Australia and Singapore where she worked in marketing for global brands including Discovery Channel, BSkyB, ESPN and Disney. Whilst living in Australia, Leigh was awarded Australia’s Young Marketer of the Year Award which included a trip to New York to learn from the world’s top creative agencies, tech giants and marketers.

In 2015, Leigh returned to her homeland South Africa where she founded her own marketing consultancy, Alphabet Social. Leigh helps small-medium businesses worldwide adapt to the new marketing era through one-one consulting, strategy development, coaching and workshops. She has a wealth of experience developing multi-platform marketing strategies across hospitality, retail, media, e-commerce, travel, education and more. Leigh is passionate about helping small businesses leverage the power of social media to connect with their audience and grow their business.